Products & Services

Bring a flare and style to your inventory like no other with products offered by Cellucom Group. “Bold Like Us,” is the banner BLU flies under. Cellucom Group is a major distributor for BLU. That means BLU passes on volume discount pricing to us which we can share with you. BLU brings color, selection, and quality to you and your customers. Along with BLU, Cellucom Group works with other manufactures including Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, and HTC to make sure you can take advantage of special buys. Browse and purchase 24/7 our super deals at our shopping website SD9000.

Great products need strong carrier service to back them up. The kind of service that delivers a clear signal to your customer and increased profits to your pocket. Cellucom Group brings reliability and top commissions through leading networks including Simple Mobile, Page Plus, and NET10 Wireless. Our partner, VidaPay, fills up your customer’s phones in a jiffy while providing you with some of the best SPIFFs in the business.