Why Partner With Cellucom Group?

Cellucom Group is an experienced national leader in the distribution of prepaid wireless products and services. We are also an authorized TracFone Master Agent for the Midwest, South, Southeast and Central regions as well as Florida.

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At Cellucom Group we do the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on growing your profits. For instance, our position as a major distributor for BLU Wireless Products brings you the benefits of volume pricing. We also feature special buys with other producers (like Apple, Samsung, LG, and Motorola) to keep your costs low and your margins high. Best commissions on the best in networks including Simple Mobile, Page Plus, and NET10 Wireless provide the perfect follow-up. You can shop for all of those great deals via Cellucom Group’s 24/7 online shopping site.

Another opportunity when your work with the Cellucom Group is the Simple Mobile Solutions program in partnership with TracFone. In return for a very small investment, you reap very large rewards in the form of enhanced commissions, branded store signage, and guidance that leads you to greater profits.

You may also join our Master Agent program. This offers select clients the opportunity to work with Cellucom Group to earn commissions when you sign up new accounts.


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