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We Can Work With Chain Stores

  We assess your staff resources and location optimization.

We determine the best product fit.

We provide training and resources.

Cellucom is a great choice of partner if you own a set of chain stores. These don’t just have to be “convenience” stores – think any multi-unit store chain that has the right mix of foot traffic to support selling prepaid wireless products. These scenarios are usually best with a grab-n-go solution, unless they are specifically wireless products stores.

For Convenience themed stores, specifically:

Here’s how it works – Cellucom will consult with you about your unique business. We will then determine the best plan, brand, carrier solution for your customer base. That’s easy for us because we really know what people in certain areas of the country want in prepaid wireless products. Then, we will recommend a customized boxed products just for your stores. Your cashiers ring them up just like a regular product and the customer does the activation off-site. If that same customer buys additional months of service, your store will continue to receive SPIFFs and residual earnings from that one sale.

Convenience stores are also a great fit for selling “top-ups” airtime renewals. This can be for all brands, not just Tracfone. It's an easy revenue generator that also drives foot traffic and incremental purchases. 



Cellucom can provide

initial and ongoing training

aligned to your staff's soft

skills, technical and product



Focused on supporting

activation, top-up and


pay out programs and

technical instruction.


Full resource system

dedicated to customer

support phonecalls, returns,

and service opportunities.

Cellucom Has National Reach and Experience

Not only can we service all states within a chain store legacy, we have the warehousing, fulfillment resources and capabilities to do it effectively.

We have 1000's of unique products in stock.

We can provide proactive inventory management with our systems.

We regularly manage distribution for over 3,000 dealer locations.

We are the US exclusive distributor for Baseus accessories.


Map: we have the ability to service all states

Columbus, Ohio

Our corporate headquarters and main warehouse located in the heart of the country and serving the largest population areas.

Miami, Florida

Providing fast fulfillment to all of Florida and the adjacent low country.

Houston, Texas

Gateway warehouse easily servicing all points west and West Coast.

Atlanta, Georgia

Warehouse distribution in the heart of the Southern and Coastal Atlantic.

Get to Know the TRACFONE Family of Brands

Additional Revenue Stream Available 

with our exclusive line of high quality, high margin accessory products by

BASEUS is ‘Based on User’ Accessories

Featuring high quality materials, on-trend and trend-setting designs, upgraded packaging design, high margins, beautiful product displays.


US retail distribution exclusively by Cellucom Group


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