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Updated 1/11/2021

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New NET10 $50 Super Unlimited™ plan with unlimited talk, text, and high speed data that doesn't throttle. Plus 5GB of Mobile Hotspot. 
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New Simple Mobile $40 Truly Unlimited plan. Includes talk, text and fully unlimited high speed data. Offer expires 3/31/2020.
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New permanent Simple Mobile $40 plan. It includes unlimited talk, text and high speed data + International talk, text & data. Hotspot available.

Total Wireless $50 plan now comes with cloud storage and backups. Now permanent!
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New BYOP customers receive 4.5GB Unlimited Carryover Data. Customer keeps 50% more data for up to 6 months after activation.  Offer valid until 3/31/2021. 

All Simple Mobile smartphone service plans include international roaming in Latin America and Mexico.

Page Plus $55 plan is fully unlimited on America's largest and most dependable network.

Simple Mobile new hotspot plans to use with hotspot device. Now permanent! 

Simple Mobile $50 Truly Unlimited plan is $45 for the first 3 months with Auto Re-Up. Offer extended 3/31/2021.


Simple Mobile $30 plan 5GB.

Net10 now offers more data and international calling on all plans.

All Net10 plans now include unlimited international calls and texts. Limited time offer. Expires 3/31/2021.
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Mobile hotspot is included in Total Wireless plans $35 and higher.

Total Wireless $25 & $35 plans include more data permanently.