The pending release of iPhone 12 is still shrouded in mystery.

This shouldn't be a surprise to most people that have been living on the planet Earth. Apple loves to hold back details, keep secrets, build suspense - will they, won't they, will it be, will it do this, will it do that? Most of us right now are only asking one question, WHEN??

Here's what we know and don't know about the iPhone 12 and it's release:

It MAY be released sometime in the Fall of 2020. Although that may be affected by the COVID-19 crisis as it affected business and workers in China and the US. Apple has not provided any clarity on this, but many experts are chiming in with a notable wish-wash and saying "maybe". Really instills a lot of confidence doesn't it?

It WILL be 5G ready. So that's good. In fact it will be the first and only 5G compatible model from the mammouth maker - in spite of 5G being rolled out to many markets already and on all 3 major carriers currently. (Seems weird to say 3 carriers, doesn't it? But alas 3 is the current number.)

It WILL be upwards and perhaps more than $1000.00. WOW! I know for some folks that's nothing - they will gladly plop down that kind of money to be the first one to have all the Apple toys - me personally, I'm a normal person, with a normal job, and I cannot rationalize that kind of spend - buy hey, that's just me! But if you are an Apple user (and I am) and you want to hop on the 5G train to superfast data speeds (and I do) than you don't have any other option AND you will be waiting several more months if not longer to even have any options. Unless, dare I say, you go Android - shhhhhhhh, shut your mouth!  But come on though - there are about a half dozen current Android models on the market that are 5G ready and already in use. Unfortunately the pricetags on those models are $700 and up. So for now at least 5G will be reserved for the upper crust - or at least the folks that deem this kind of spend important enough to finance the purchase and accept an additional $30-40/month on their already high post paid wireless bill.