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April 27, 2020

Wave7 Independent Dealer Survey Results Tell A Lot About What's Happening in Prepaid Today.

Earlier this month, our friends at PrepaidPhoneNews.com reported on a research study released by industry research firm Wave7. In it Wave7 Principal, Jeff Young, says these results are that of its Independent Prepaid Dealer Survey for Q1 2020. The survey tracked prepaid brand distribution and sales at 30 independent, multi-brand dealers in 12 NFL cities. Dealers were asked which prepaid brands they carry and which were their top sellers.


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APRIL 13, 2020

The Prepaid Wireless Industry Is About to Change for Some Independent Dealers

Non-Exclusive dealers of Metro by T-Mobile have just found out that they can no longer represent or sell this brand.

In a release by the NWIDA (National Wireless Independent Dealer Association) on April 4, 2020, They scooped...

"We have confirmed, from multiple sources, that Metro by T-Mobile has, in fact, terminated all non-exclusive stores. We believe this is between 250-750 stores (we're still getting information in), and they have been given 120 day termination notice. This should mean that these stores WON'T close, only that they will no longer be allowed to sell Metro by T-Mobile."

For some independent dealers this may come as a bit of a blow to their business and their regular Metro by T-mobile customers that rely on them to top-up and inform them of specials and promotions they can take advantage of. It puts a hurt on these neighborhood stores that see a lot of walk-in traffic daily from people looking for prepaid plans on compatible networks.

Cellucom is not an agent for Metro by T-mobile but rather, we represent the entire TracFone brand family which does include a comparable Simple Mobile brand that runs on the same network.

Simple Mobile may be a viable alternative for the independent dealers that will find themselves at a loss on what to do in light of this contract termination. If you are one of these affected independent dealers, please reach out to Cellucom and we will advise you on what you can do and make the process of onboarding these new products as painless as possible. This doesn't have to be the end of the road for you and your T-mobile network customers!

Source credit: NWIDA. For more of the original story or to learn more about NWIDA click here.

Cellucom Expands Product Line to Fully Support Consumer Needs and Dealer Sales Opportunities During COVID-19 Crisis

Cellucom Dealers can now order laptops, iPads, and other connected devices directly from VidaPay account with great pricing and quick order fulfillment.

  • Have quarantined customers that need additional devices to educate or entertain on?

  • If a customer mentions they need additional devices for family members, now you can offer them these products.

  • You can make the sale and THEN order the products - no need to buy or stock. Fast fulfillment from VidaPay.

Cellucom Reacts to COVID-19 Conditions With Offers to Help Their Dealers Continue to Do Business

FREE SHIPPING. We have lowered the minimum order amount qualified for free shipping, cutting previous requirements in half. Now you get free shipping on all orders $49 and up - now expanded to the END OF MAY!

TRACFONE brands have also added consumer benefits to all their plans so that customers have increased data limits! See charts below for the updated data increases. 

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