Power Pricing with BLU

Cellucom Group is a top distributor for BLU products. This means we can offer you better deals because we have the power of volume pricing. BLU has sold more than 25 million products in over 40 countries and continues to grow. The company tracks the needs of consumers to provide affordable, innovative, and stylish wireless products that make BLU one of the fastest growing mobile phone makers. Cellucom Group is proud of our affiliation with BLU. Contact us and see how you can benefit from the power of our strong partnership.

SMS Non-Exclusive Program

TracFone presents Simple Mobile Solutions marketed stores. This is your chance to present your customers with an upgraded shopping experience while you take advantage of the power of TracFone brands to grow your profits. These Simple Mobile Solutions (SMS) non exclusive locations are designed to surround the customer with a premium atmosphere in which to shop for prepaid wireless. What’s more, the Cellucom Group and TracFone are with you along the way with the guidance and the décor to make sure your store stands out to potential customers.

No Hassle, More Profits

Cellucom Group partners with VidaPay to make money management as convenient as can be. This partnership allows you to easily handle activations, airtime, long distance and international wireless needs. VidaPay eliminates the hassle of working through multiple channels to complete activations or top-ups, saving you time. Easy to use and easy to manage, VidaPay offers access to carrier rates as well as sales tracking in real time or by day, week, etc. Sign up here and see what VidaPay can do for you!